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J&P Farms is located at

4977 Carter Avenue

San Jose, CA.  Come by and see us!

Throughout the season the trees and plants of J&P produce a wide range of fresh fruit. We only pick what is really ripe so availability changes daily.


  1. -Berries

  2. -Peaches

  3. -Tangerines

  4. -Cherries

  5. -Apricots

  6. -Nectarines

  7. -Plums

  8. -Nectarines

  9. -Pluots

  10. -Apples

  11. -Persimmon

J&P is a family orchard run by Jean and Phil Cosentino.


Called the “secret garden” by the San Jose Mercury News,  J&P’s orchard hides in a residential neighborhood in the beautiful Santa Clara Valley.

Because of our warm days, cool nights, and the most fertile soil in California, the fruit grown here is mouth watering.  We pick our fruit fully ripe, much riper than standard commercial fruit giving our fresh, produce the flavor that fruit was meant to have.

We have fruit from May through October. We offer more than thirty-three types of peaches, including some old fashioned varieties that are truly fabulous.  We also feature a diverse array of plums, prunes, nectarines, apples, wonderful apricots, Asian pears, bush berries, persimmons, grapes, and more!

The J&P orchard is cared for by our family to offer the best produce for your family. Our farming practices are traditional, environmental, and organic. 

Come visit our roadside stand and taste fruit the way it was meant to be…sweet, juicy and with marvelous flavor.

Check out our fruit list for a complete list of what we have to offer each season.

Come by and see us - 9am till dusk daily. We pick our own fruit at the perfect time, so you don’t have to.


Gourmet Fruit, In A San Jose Neighborhood

The Last Working Orchard in Santa Clara Valley

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J&P Farms

Gourmet Fruit

4977 Carter Avenue

San Jose, CA